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 Soccer Bets Software -  Strategies for easily win with systems


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Is using Soccer Betting Systems advantageous?


Basically, it's the only way to consistently win at soccer betting. We shouldn’t forget that the likelihood of correctly guessing, for example, an 8-match straight bet, is lower than you might think. In fact, how often have you lost your bet by just 1 or 2 matches? Our aim is to win continuously, a little but often. Don’t forget that the Systems Player is the arch enemy of all casinos and bookmakers. After all, they are not charities, are they?


Let’s have a look at some practical examples to understand how to bet rationally:


If you are a particularly good predictor, you can choose 6, 7, 8 matches from those in the playing schedule and build your desired system as indicated below. It is advisable not to include matches with odds lower than 1.60, and this Software makes this selection process easy. Simply order the desired event by probability by clicking on each event heading, this then automatically displays the possible events (1,X,2, Under, Over, GG/NG etc.), from best to worst.



At this point, thanks to the many possibilities that the Software provides for building a correction system it is possible to develop our bets by considering the possible mistakes that are normally made.


How to interpret a system:


Example: Minimum Win of 1 (5) with 6 out of 8 results in a system of 17 developed bets.



This means that by playing an 8-event prediction (on 8 matches), a mathematical win on one or more bets (of 5 matches) is achieved, even if 1 or 2 events in the 8 matches are predicted incorrectly. Therefore, up to 2 prediction errors are corrected.



Here is a practical example of the system that can be created using the Soccer Bets Software.


8 Matches Chosen  Correction of up to 2 Errors on the 8 Matches

Minimum Win of 1 (5) with 6 out of 8 Results


Integral Combinations: 56


Betting System Combinations to play:  17  (Groups of 5)



1-2-3-4-5     1-2-3-4-6     1-2-3-4-7     1-2-3-5-6     1-2-3-5-7     1-2-3-6-7

1-2-4-5-6     2-4-5-6-8     2-4-5-7-8     2-4-6-7-8     2-5-6-7-8     3-4-5-6-7

                       3-4-5-6-8     3-4-5-7-8     3-4-6-7-8     3-5-6-7-8     4-5-6-7-8


The software makes it possible to create the desired correction systems, simply by choosing the reduction to apply from those available based on the Prediction, (number of events) in play.



* * * * * * * * * * *


Here are some possible Playing Strategies that the Soccer Bets Software can assist with:


Strategy 1


Analyzing the matches from each weekend, (from various leagues comprising Friday to Sunday, more or less an average of about 200/300 matches) and offered by the software’s schedule, select:


1)      The first Symbol (1) in order of probability

2)      The first Under in order of probability

3)      The first GG in order of probability

4)      The first Over in order of probability



   Example:  Gremio (1), Corinthians (Under), Fredrikstad (Over) etc.


The 4 identified events, must be played using the following betting progression: 1,2,3


What does it mean??


For the weekend in question you bet 10 Euros on the 4 events (as a multiple bet).

If in that weekend the winning outcome did not occur for the 4 events (simultaneously), you bet 20 Euros the following weekend on the 4 events identified for that particular weekend. If it still doesn’t come up, you bet 30 Euros on the following weekend.

In this way, given that it is quite rare for the 4 aforementioned events not to come up simultaneously, even in the case of a negative event in a particular weekend, you will recover the capital lost and win anyway in subsequent weeks.

You will be amazed by both the frequency with which the 4 events come up simultaneously, and by the profit that is achieved following this betting progression, which will provide excellent profits for the overall season.


Rule to follow:

a) simultaneously analyze all the leagues included in the software, choose by checking those that have played at least 12 rounds.



Strategy 2


For those that love soccer betting systems, we now come to an exceptional system betting application for providing consistent yields, based on the Under/Over probabilities in consecutive progressions.


For the application it is necessary to identify 2 groups of 10 matches each, of the best 'Unders' and 'Overs' from a schedule of at least 250 matches, examining the matches included in a Weekend (which on average exceed 200), from championships that have played at least 12 rounds.



Once the calculation has been performed, by clicking on the column headings 'Under' or 'Over', it will be possible to immediately identify the 2 best groups for these events, namely the 10 best matches for the event 'Under' and the 10 best matches for the event 'Over', in order of decreasing probability starting from the highest.


What it means and how to apply the consecutive progression for these 10 events, in order to give us our system:


Given the decreasing probability of Unders or Overs, there is a very high statistical probability, greater than 95%, of an occurrence of 3 or more consecutive events for each of the abovementioned groups, this is how to build an outstanding system which will statistically ensure a constant yield:


For each group of 10 matches (Under and Over), for each ordered table and for each group, 8 consecutive trebles in progression are taken (1,2,3;  2,3,4;  3,4,5 up to 8,9,10). For each group of 10 matches, 8 trebles are therefore given.



                 1,2,3                              2,3,4                               3,4,5


By multiplying the trebles in the 2 tables (i.e. 8 x 8), 64 sixfolds are calculated to give us our betting system (multiples of 6 matches each) to play. These Sixfolds have a mean of 2 to 6 winning bets, an extremely high possibility (85%) of winning more than 16 and obviously there is the possibility of winning all 64 of them.


To optimize this system simply add a pair of fixed events, by doing this even with just a basic  statistically favorable outcome (i.e. only 2 winning bets), you will cover costs and have the possibility of even higher winnings.


How to build this system using the Software:


A)  Following the analysis of the championships as indicated above, sort the events by clicking on the column heading 'Under'.


Then click on  Print Probability  choosing (from 1 to 10) to print the list of top 10 'Unders' ordered by probability, and do the same with 'Over'.


Then return to the order for 'Under' and enter, by clicking on the percentage (probability), from highest to lowest, for the first 10 matches, and for each match, the relevant odds (taken from your preferred bookmaker’s odds table), as well as the relevant match code and event number if available.


Then follow the same procedure or the 10 Overs.


B)  Once you have entered the 20 odds for the 20 matches (10 for under and 10 for over ordered by probability), click on 'BREAKDOWN'


C) Choose, on the right in the groups box (by checking the appropriate checkbox), groups of 6. 



D) Then click on AND/LINK Filter


E) Based on the order of the matches printed in the printout for each event, start entering the trebles PERTAINING TO THE CORRESPONDING MATCHES:


This means that if for example the matches identified for the event Over were in order of probability from best to worst (from 1 to 10):




1-2-3 would be Fredrikstad, Varbergs, Nautico

2-3-4 would be Varbergs, Nautico, Dundalk etc. up to 8-9-10 Aalesund,Atvidabergs, Ostersunds.


Then proceed by entering them into the AND boxes of the abovementioned conditions:


Matches 1,2,3 admitted 3; then confirm and proceed to the 2nd And filter



Matches 2,3,4 admitted 3; then confirm and proceed to the 3nd And filter



.....and so on until 8,9,10


Click on Close Link and select from 1 to 1



F) On the Top Left choose LINK N. 2



Repeat the procedure for the  Over list  following the same steps outlined above.


Once the 8 consecutive Over trebles have been inserted, click on Close Link and select from 1 to 1


G) Click again on  CALCULATION  to perform the calculation and get the 64 developed sixfolds.


Note: It is very important to follow the consecutive order of the trebles when adding the data into the And boxes (as shown in the Probability printout). In the And box, the 3 matches could in fact be non-consecutive, but in the development of the 64 bets (of 6), they will certainly be consecutive if you enter the conditioned groups as described above.



Strategy 3


Now let’s illustrate a betting strategy that the Software’s Statistical Probabilities can easily offer you:




The valuebet technique allows you to define the value of a sports bet and to bet on an outcome that has been "underestimated" by a bookmaker. In other words, it is betting on an outcome that has a probability of occurrence greater than the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Due to imperfect knowledge of a sport, league or player, bookmakers often underestimate the likelihood of a result.


To discover a VALUEBET, simply use the following formula:


[bookmaker’s odds  X  probability (%)]   /  100


Multiply the bookmaker’s odds by the percentage probability (%) of the event’s success, (usually the symbol 1, X or 2), easily obtainable from the statistical analysis provided by the Soccer Bets Software and then divide by 100.


If the result is greater than 1, you’ve got a ‘Valuebet’. The higher the Valuebet’s value, the more interesting the bet becomes.


If the result is less than 1, it’s not a valuebet and the risk of losing is high.


Here is a clearer example of the application of the ‘Valuebet’ identification formula:


Your preferred Bookmaker offers odds of 1.90 on an AC Milan victory in the AC Milan - Catania match from the Italian Serie A. Using the Software to conduct the analysis, you discover that the statistical probability that the event (1) occurs is 80%.


Then applying the formula to see if we have a ‘Valuebet’  (1.90 x 80) / 100 = 1.52.

The result (1.52) is greater than 1. Betting on an AC Milan victory in that particular match is considered a ‘VALUEBET’.


Final Considerations on ValueBet:


Is a Valuebet a sure bet??


NO! A Valuebet is not a sure bet.  It represents high and interesting odds on a highly likely particular outcome. Even with a Valuebet, you still need to think wisely and only bet with money that you know you are able to lose. Although the mathematical formula tells you that you have a Valuebet, you mustn’t let yourself get carried away, you must always bet with your head.



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