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              Soccer Bets Software  - Mathematical Systems


BETTING SYSTEM:  (Integral or Conditional),  WHAT IT MEAN:


Example: If, on the other hand, we had chosen 5 matches, with multiple events, for example five 1 Symbols with two x Symbols (in 2 of the 5 matches), or other multiple events (that is, belonging to the same match), we should have utilized the button “AND/LINK FILTER”, in the red box “Generate Bets.


Note: if we had wanted to develop the integral system for the events entered into the system, that is, all Mathematically possible combinations of those events, we should have clicked on the button “INTEGRAL” in the red box ‘Generate Bets’.



The conditioning filters (AND/LINK FILTERS) can be chosen in the window that will open (Fig. A), in order to filter the valid columns.


For example, if we had chosen five (1) Symbols and two (X) Symbols, we could impose a filtering column, requiring that at least four of the five (1) Symbols must be guessed correctly in our bets that will filter from the development of our betting system.




Let’s then choose the five (1) Symbols related to each match (but we could also have chosen only the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th Symbol, etc.) and let’s select the related boxes (which will turn yellow if selected) ADMITTED: 4 and 5.


Let’s then click on “CONFIRM” and close our session with “APPLY FILTER”. 


Only  3 VALID BETS  among the 4 integral bets will now be taken into consideration in the development of our betting system. (In fact, these 3 multiple bets, out of the 4 integral bets, comply with the condition entered above).


Obviously, more filtering columns can be inserted; it is sufficient to move within the AND filters using the up and down arrows, which will become active after the button “confirm” has been clicked on each “AND box” that has been added as indicated above.


Note: More And boxes (and therefore more conditional filtering columns), can be inserted in the same Link, which, at the start, is obviously LINK 1 (displayed in green in the upper left hand corner).



Example of how a Betting System is conceived and developed,

and how And/Link filters are used:


Suppose that the punter wants to bet on fixtures offering the best chance of a Home win (FULL TIME  1). Clicking on the type of bet in question, having analyzed the archives for the selected championships, the program generates a list of matches giving the best probabilities.

Supposing that the matches identified with Soccer Bets Software are:

Verona-Fiorentina 1 Prob.78% X Prob.17%
Lazio-Venezia 1 Prob.60% X Prob.36%
Juventus-Bologna 1 Prob.60% X Prob.22%

The Bookmaker offers these events at the following ODDS:

Code 8 Verona-Fiorentina 1 1.50 X 3.65
Code 3 Lazio-Venezia 1 1.10 X 6.10
Code 2 Juventus-Bologna 1 1.45 X 3.25

Clicking on the events indicated above, the punter enters the odds as quoted, remembering first to select the units of the stake (example: 1 € / £ / $).

Using a system:

When all the possible permutations of these events are generated, 8 BETS will emerge, thus:

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 X 1 1 X X 1 X
1 1 X 1 X 1 X X
1 1 1 X 1 X X X


At this point, the and/link filters can be used to reduce the number of permutations. This is how:

Suppose for example that in the case of the matches selected, the highest statistical probabilities are those indicating the likelihood of a home win “1”. It follows that a draw “x” will be relatively improbable in all these same 3 matches.

Accordingly, the number of selections can be limited using a parameter bet, or in effect, introducing a filter ("And" logic function):

in practice, the aim is to ensure that any single permutation will have no more than one draw “x”, and so, entering this parameter bet in the And filters,

                                                             And. No 1   


                                             Code 8            X  

                                             Code 3            X 

                                             Code 2            X  

the effect will be to allow only 0 or 1 chance of a draw.

Having limited the selection this way, the allowable permutations will generate only   4 VALID BETS,  thus:

1 2 3 4
1 X 1 1
1 1 X 1
1 1 1 X


In practical terms, all permutations including 2 or 3 draws (“x”) have been eliminated, reducing the number of bets by half.

The system of bets including just these 4 valid combinations will have a total cost of 4 €/£/$ (4 x 1 = 4)

At this point it becomes clear that the minimum winnings generated by the system in question will be: 2.39 €/£/$, Symbolifying a loss of  -40.19%.


Note: Applying “Normal” stabilization, the software will automatically adjust the stakes per single bet in order to stabilize the final return, as far as possible, increasing the overall outlay to the point of achieving the best possible balance between minimum and maximum profit, and bringing the minimum winnings up to: 13.41 €/£/$, Symbolifying a profit of + 16.07%. This way, a mere gamble is turned into a low risk investment.


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