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    Soccer Bets Software -  Sure Bets - Mathematic Advantage


The mechanism for a Mathematical Advantage, (Sure Bet),  can be simpler than one might think; in fact, many punters have become rich through this simple mathematical mechanism, which is absolutely safe and reliable. In fact, the gains are not just “probable;” they are 100% certain independently of the outcome of the game.

In fact, by comparing the odds of the various international bookmakers, it is possible (if the base conditions allow it) to select the matches that, independently of the future outcome, allow the punter to obtain an established winning margin (which normally ranges between 1% and 15% of the stake played).


    For example, let’s make the following assumptions:




















We can see that the odds, although they all lean in the same direction (the home team is favored), all have different values.


Now, if we were to bet any amount on any result with anyone of the three bookmakers, we would have the mathematical certainty to lose (nobody gives money away, and especially not bookmakers, who are very careful in these matters); however, if we look at the same match in general terms (that is, if we bet with all three bookmakers), the situation changes considerably. In fact:


Let’s suppose that we bet on the same match and on all 3 possible results (1 / X / 2), but utilizing a different bookmaker for each bet; we would bet the following stakes:


Bet  €.














Our overall outlay will be Euro 1,000.00, while our winnings will be:



Winning  €.









There is no doubt that this way, independently of the result, the bettor can secure a MATHEMATICAL advantage and therefore a 100% certain win, with the related gain. In the case in point the gain is greater than 11%.


The software makes it possible to easily track these events by simply entering the odds of the favored bookmakers; it also makes it possible to provide (through an immediate calculation) the indications on the matches having the best mathematical advantage among those entered; finally, it makes it possible to apply a betting variant to obtain a gain that can reach 30% of the invested amount at a moderate risk to the user.


Let’s try to understand how it works:


The button 'SURE BET' is available in the main menu of the software SOCCERBETS (in the menu bar at the top of the screen).


By clicking on this button we can access the first screen of the Mathematical Advantage section, where we will find the following functions among those available:



'BookMakers' makes it possible to select the Bookmaker for each column of the grid (it is important to remember that the bookmaker can be selected and deselected, in order to utilize the desired odds and bookmakers in the calculation). It is also possible to choose which championships (among those entered) are to be activated for the calculation, by simply selecting and deselecting them.



There are several ways of entering the teams in order to speed up the entering of the odds:


a) Add League or Competition


As was the case when managing the bets in the generic section of SoccerBets, it will be possible to choose the championship among those entered (this way entering the teams is speeded up) and only the related odds for each match and for each bookmaker chosen needs to be entered.



b) Directly add the names of the MATCHES CHOSEN after selecting NEW ROW.


All that needs to be done at this point is to enter, for each bookmaker, the odds and the codes for the matches present, keeping in mind that they can be eliminated with the function “Eliminate Row” or added with the function “New Row.”



The odds for each match can be entered, also with the automatic search function, by clicking on ADDED ODD.


This odds-entering function (with search) is useful for entering the odds when it is difficult to find the match among many.



At this point, after having entered the odds for the desired matches, it is sufficient to click on the button “PROCESSES 1 MATCH to display the screen that lists (already ordered by default) the matches with the best mathematical advantage (SURE BET) which, obviously, will be those with a positive advantage percentage.


For example, in the analysis, we obtain the following data:


It can be seen immediately that there are 2 matches with a (POSITIVE) mathematical advantage.


This means that, for example, the match EMMEN – CAMBUUR, if bet upon this way, would provide a gain of 1.38% regardless of the outcome.









5 Dimes


It is possible to perform automatic calculations in the lower part of the screen to find out how much to bet on each Symbol, on the basis of the amount to be invested. To choose the match to place in the box, it is sufficient to left-click on the desired match (which will appear in the calculation window) and then simply to choose the total amount to bet. The break-down of the amount chosen for each individual event (1, X, 2) will be shown automatically.



VARIATION (%) Net 1st/2nd  SYMBOL



By clicking on the button indicated above (“Variation (%) Net 1st/2nd Symbol”), it is possible to apply a betting variant conceived to INCREASE THE WINNINGS GAIN on the amount invested, and all this at a lower risk (moderate and selectable by the user).


On the basis of the principle that the most probable outcomes of the match are the 2 with the lowest odds and that the most unlikely result is that with the highest odds (SURPRISE), it was thought to play the first 2 Symbols statistically probable, in order to obtain a predetermined gain (this can be chosen from the bottom window of the same screen “Percentage Variation”) and to bet on the third Symbol to recoup most of the amount invested in the unfortunate event (statistically improbable) that this Symbol occurs.


Final note: The buttons “PROCESSES 2 or 3 MATCH can be utilized for the multiple development of the betting variants in the matches with a mathematical advantage played at the same time.


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