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What you can do

Software Interface

Soccer Competition Databases

Mathematical Systems

And-Link Conditional Sistems

Correction-Reduction Systems


Stabilize Profit Bets

Statistical Pyramid Bets

Sure Bets (1X2)

Mathematic Advantage (SVE)


Check Winnings, Printout etc.

              Soccer Bets Software -  Some Utility Function


Check Winnings 

By clicking this button, the user can preview the winnings on a bet (or system of bets) created with the program. To check the winnings on a projected bet, the championships archive must be updated to the next round.  The program will automatically indicate which matches are not updated, if necessary.


With Breakdown Systems you can also proceed with the winnings simulation of your betting systems.






Save Bet 

By clicking this button, the user can save the selection and the construction of the bet or the system of bets created. Thereafter, it will be possible to retrieve the bet simply by clicking on “OPEN BET” from the File menu.



New Search 

By clicking this button, the user can start the computation of a new forecast, selecting the leagues and the round on which to find out the statistical probabilities for the various types of events.


Video Output 

By clicking this button, the user can view the development of bets, with indications of the amounts to be staked, the overall odds generated by multiple events, and the winnings produced by the bet when successful.





By clicking this button, the user can obtain a printout of selected bets, which can then be telephoned, faxed or handed to the bookmaker for acceptance. The program will print the development only, or the general summary, or both.




By clicking on each match in the list of results, it is possible to display the performance of the two teams during the current season, as well as the results obtained in the various matches played.



Live Score
Real Time Scores and Match Results!




                                .....and many other functions!


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